sam and kate.

Stahl House's entrance in Hollywood, Silver Lake, West Sunset Boulevard, Venice.

obviously LA deserves more that one post, guys. i left a piece of my heart there (somewhere between venice beach and west hollywood, in case you find it please send it back to me, thanks).
we managed to make a lot of great plans for those 2 days though,
which included spending time with our friends Sam and Kate (who flew from Chicago and Richmond to meet us). these girls are amazing and i just wish i had more time in LA to hang out with them. i feel lucky that we met (3 years ago?) and that we've been able to keep in touch and meet in random parts of the globe every now and then.
as a tourist a stop by the famous wall of Elliott Smith's figure 8 cover shot by Autumn de Wilde was mandatory. as well as a drive up hollywood hills to see the (dream) houses and the views.

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