San Francisco.

people in SF are really amazing and friendly. i had loads of fun as soon as i got there,  we almost had a burrito OD (gotta love Taqueria Cancun!) and i also had amazing food at Gracias Madre. will all my reviews about this roadtrip contain references to food (?), you ask. probably.
weather in SF wasn't as friendly though. but thats probably my fault for thinking id be going to California and therefore i should just pack bikinis and shorts. i should have made some research.
if you go to SF and see a taxi driver with a Black Flag tattoo and with a weird crush on amish girls, tell him i say hi. he was the coolest taxi driver we met on this trip. well, the coolest taxi driver i ever met, now that i think about it.
oh, and at Dynamo cafe you get the most amazing spicy chocolate vegan donuts. or i was just really hungry on that morning before heading to the airport. either way, highly recommended.

go giants!

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