yosemite is probably the most beautiful place i ll see this decade.
even now when i look at the photos i have to remember myself that is not photoshopped. it feels like there is a wallpaper as a background for every photo.
while we were there we got the feeling that those big mountains and waterfalls surrounding us were just painted paper and that we were on truman show.
i now know those mountains were real, as real as the pain in my legs after hiking to Nevada Fall.
the landscape, the silence, the fresh air, the wildlife (unfortunately (?) we didnt spot a bear but we did see amazing birds, deers, fishes..), it was just too precious.

2 comentários:

  1. Muito boas fotos desta tua road trip. Que inveja, quero muito fazer uma um dia destes, mas antes da dos EUA acho que se realizará primeiro a da Europa.
    Estas de Yosemite é como tu mesmas dizes, parecem perfeitos wallpapers. As cores sao fantásticas. Que máquina usaste?